*R50 delivery anywhere in South Africa*

We are officially a online store!! Whoop!!

I started Parooz Fashions 4 years ago from a back room in my house, with nothing but a big dream and lots of ambition. I wanted to start a clothing brand and ultimately have a space where people knew they could come and get that special item that they wouldn't find anywhere else. Fun, young, always fresh and always on trend.

My biggest inspiration comes from the buzz of the city I live in and the fun inspiring people I meet and come into contact with every day at the store and around me. Parooz is about being young and having fun with fashion, about being a individual and showing your individuality through fashion.

Parooz has definitely evolved and found its groove over time. From starting with one rail at home, to doing pop up shops around Joburg, to opening the first flagship store in Braamfontein, and now to the Parooz online store officially going live. I feel extremely grateful to the kick ass team of people new and old who have helped Parooz grow over the years.

Today we officially go live! Woohoo!! Parooz Online is a extension of everything we believe in and have built over the years. You will always be able to find that amazing, different, and special item here. I hope that it also serves as a platform to inspires you and helps you express your individuality even more. 

So heres to the movers and shakers. The fashion trend makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The cool kids and cool cats, raised on cool aid. The ones who see things differently and are proud to express their individuality. The ones that take risks and never let failure be a option. High 5!! This ones for you!! #TeamParooz